by Frontier Child

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This album was created as part of the RPM 2011 Challenge.


released February 27, 2011

Thanks to Andy Westhoven for his vocals on "Love of their own" and lead guitar on "Narcissist."



all rights reserved


Frontier Child Boston, Massachusetts

Frontier Child, formerly known as Mehraan, is a one-man-band from Boston, Ma.
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Track Name: Got to think them through
Looking out at the snow,
Remembering a long ago
When my days were still young
Full of hope, my life'd begun

All the ways, all the things I was to do
Reach the top and then begin anew
All the lovers, all the girls I was to have
Never came to pass.

But don't you dare get me wrong
I'm thankful for all that's done
Peace & quiet ain't so bad
Got no complaints, I ain't too sad

But sometimes, my mind begins to wonder
All the things I could've, should've done
All the wrong things I should've dropped along the way
Such has been my life.

Forty eight years ain't so old
Though some around me wouldn't know
I may have a long time to go
Although no one would ever know

And what's before me ain't like the way behind me
All the troubles I'm about to go through
All the happy days that all lay before me
Got to think them through.
Track Name: Exile
Rain on down (x3)
All around

And it seems
I'm lost at last
With a no clear path
Going home

Sinking down (x3)
Under ground

And I feel
Like a tumbling grass
Thin as a glass
Far away from home

Tear it down (x3)
Without a sound

And it will
Give out with no pain
Like a shot in the vein
Won't you take me home
Track Name: Love of their own
Just got home about an hour ago
Got a phone call from friend of old
He was all so mesmerized
At the same time petrified.

(He asked:)
Do you think it is impossible
For a retched man to have love of his own? (4x)
Do you think it is silly of me?
Just a minute, I think I have something, some more to sing.

Just got home about a 10 pass 4
Got an email from a girl I know
She was all so petrified
At the same time mesmerized

(She asked:)
Do you think it is improbable
To love a woman whose heart is not yours? (4x)
Can you answer this simple query?
Just a minute, I think I have somewhere, some-place to be.

Just got home got my foot through the door
When I saw a letter under my door
Was a note from the friend of old
Written by that girl I know.

No I think it aint impossible
For people to have love of their own (4x)
Do I make my case vigorously?
Doesn't matter, this is just a story for me to sing.
Track Name: Let it all slide by
Came down to see you
Saw you walk on by
Wanna say I miss you
It'll do no good some how.

I"ll do no good about it
You wont hear my side
I don't think you wanna believe it
You'll let it all slide by. (3x)

I want us be parts of two
The chance is very slight
I want us to begin a new
You'd reject it out right.

Wish I could lay with you now
Kissing your soft thigh
Even if I give in and bow
You'll let it all slide by. (3x)

Guess there's no use to think about it
I can hear your sigh
Guess there's no use to sing about it
You wont hear my cry

Wish I could let it go now
I wouldn't be alright
Lay down my life for you now
You'll let it all slide by. (3x)
Track Name: Narcissist
Track Name: Android's cry
Dying of boredom
Crying in my lonesome
Shove this job
where the sun
won't be shining (2x)

Oh I dream of flying
Spread my wings, soaring

But I'm stuck
in this hole
and I'm rotting
Yes, I'm stuck
in this hole
and I'm dying

Tired of procrastinating
Always (a little bit) just slacking
Shove this job
where the sun
won't be shining (2x)